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BKL-199701 Bronekollektsia N1 1997: Austin Russian WW1 Armoured Cars magazine

Bronekollektsia BKL-199701 Bronekollektsia N1 1997:  Austin Russian WW1 Armoured Cars magazine
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BKL-199701 Bronekollektsia N1 1997: Austin Russian WW1 Armoured Cars magazine

BKL-199701 armor collection 1997 No. 1 (No. 10) Armored cars `Austin` (by M. Baryatinsky, M. Kolomiets)

The history of creation, description of design and combat use on the fronts of the First world war and the Civil war in Russia armored cars of `Austin`.
The monograph contains 7 of the drawings, 53 photographs, color images color options.


Armored `Austin` English buildings

Armored `Austin` built in the Putilov factory


Second cover page (color illustration of lateral projections):
- `Austin` 1-series. 19th automobile machine gun platoon, July, 1915.
- `Austin` 1-series. Moscow military district, 1922.
The emblem of the armored units in the Russian army.
- `Austin` 2nd series. 1916.

Inside back cover (color illustration of lateral projections):
- `Austin` 2nd series. Autopromoted the Cheka.Sverdlov, Tambov province, 1921 - 1922 years.
- `Austin` 3-series. The 2nd armored division of the Crimean-Azov Volunteer army, Novorossiysk, may, 1919.
- `Austin` 3-series. Armored division corps `Riflemen`, winter 1919.

Fourth cover page (color illustration of lateral projections):
- Russian `Austin`. 1st autopromoted the red Army, February 1920.
- `Austin-Kegress`. 43rd autopromoted, Moscow military district, 1922.
- `Austin-Kegress`. 6th autopromoted red Army, March 1920. Note: the word `power` on the side of the machine was written without the soft sign.


Page.2 Armored `Austin` 2nd series. 9th armored car division `death`, the summer of 1917

Page.3 `Austin` 1-series in front of the Mikhailovsky Manege in St. Petersburg. Side shields the driver's cab lowered, the machine guns in the towers is not installed.
Page.3 `Austin` 1-series (circuit side view).

Page.4 Perepolirovka `Austin` in the shop of Izhora plant. In the centre - armored `Brave` the 6th machine-gun platoon motor. English wheel with `old` tires demounted and installed them instead of the Russians. On the left the armored car designs of captain Mgebrov on the chassis `white`. The spring of 1915.
Page.4 Armored cars of the 8th machine-gun platoon of car in łomża, 25 February 1915. Towers `Strong` and `Glorious` - protected 7-mm armor, the dents from the bullets, podpalennye substrates of 4-mm armor - in holes.

Page.5 Options for booking of the machine guns (pictures)
Page.5 `the Austin` the 6th machine-gun platoon motor and its crew. On wheels English cars tires. 1915.
Page.5 Military vehicles, officers and lower ranks of the 9th machine-gun platoon of the car in the garage of the Mikhailovsky Manege in St. Petersburg before being sent into the army, 1915.

Page.6 `Ostini` 18th machine-gun platoon motor. Machines do not have armor protection of the guns. On `Rare` (to the right) tires of the English sample, on the `Ratna` (left) - Russian `gusmaroli`. Ternopil, may 1915.
Page.6 Armored `Hell` of the 15th platoon and camouflaged with branches. Noteworthy armor cover wheels. South-Western front, June 1915.
Page.6 Armored car `Greedy` 15th platoon during the battle firing on the range Officer's shooting school. 1915.

Page.7 Armored vehicle `Passionate` 19th motor machine-gun platoon in firing position, the side flaps are raised, the barriers observation of the cracks is lowered. Ternopil, July 1915.
Page.7 `Passionate` (rear view). Double-wing door was designed for the embarkation and disembarkation of the crew. Armor machine guns were installed in Russia, by platoons or automotive repair shops and had a different form.

Page.8 `the Austin` 2nd series (drawings in 1/35 scale)

Page.9 `Austin` 1-series in the travelling position is lowered and moved side front fender the driver's cab, the cover is raised in front of the radiator
Page.9 Armored car `Mighty` with the personnel of the 12th automotive machine-gun platoon, 1916. Pay attention to the shape of the armor pieces - black leather jackets and breeches and cap with flap ears-valves. In the center, the machine - sister of mercy.
Page.9 `Austin` 2nd series without aft wheelhouse with him.

Page.10 war machines of the 19th motor machine-gun platoon: the background `Austin` 1st series, front - gun armored car `Garford` - `Pushkar`. July 1916.
Page.10 `Austin` 1-series with another option for armor protection of the guns, Kamyanets-Podilsky, June, 1917.

Page.11 Severely altered `Austin` 1-series `she - bear`. The hull of the armored car swapped to another chassis. The armored vehicle is named after the village of Ust-Medveditsk, the don Cossack region. 1st paneotrad of the don army, the summer of 1919.
Page.11 `Austin` 2nd series. As such, the armored cars came from England.

Page.12 `Caucasian` - `Austin` 2nd series. The current army, the 46th machine-gun platoon road, October 1916. Armored guards with machine guns and cap floodlight on the roof of the driver's cab is set in Russia. (Two photos: a side view and front)

Page.13 Unknown automobile machine gun platoon. Armored car `Austin` 2nd series. Left - the `Lanchester` c 37-mm gun Goccia. On the roof `Austin` - boy, `son of the regiment`.
Page.13 automobile machine Gun platoon of the Russian army. Visible model of the platoon: an armored car cannon `Lanchester`, two machine-gun `Austin`, passenger cars, motorcycles.

Page.14 `Austin` 3-series. (schematic side view)
Page.14 Broken `Austin` 2nd series. South-Western front, the district of Tarnopol, July 1917.

Page.15 Kharkiv, March 9, 1919. Parade in honor of the first anniversary of the red Army. In the front column of armored vehicles: `Austin` 2nd series, `Armstrong-Whitworth-Fiat` and `Austin` 3-series.
Page.15 Armored `Zemgalietis` army of the Republic of Latvia.
Page.15 the Latvian Armored car built on the chassis `Ford`, inherited from `Austin` machine gun towers and the name (`Zemgalietis`). 1939.

Page.16-17 half-track armored car `Austin-Kegress`. Original drawings in four projections. The title of the drawings: `Armoured car `Austin` with two machine guns developed by the Putilov plant. General view of the devices `Kegresse`

Page.18 Armored car of the red Army - `Austin` 3-series on the streets of Kiev. 1919.
Page.18 `Austin` 3-series and a light armored car `Ford` on parade in Kharkov. March 1919.

Page.19 volatile paneotrad the red Army. War machines left to right:`Austin` 3-series, `Armstrong-Whitworth-Fiat`, `Austin` 1-series. The area of Yamburg, in the fall of 1919.
Page.19 `Austin` 3-series `Ataman Bogaevsky`. Army of the don, Rostov-on-don, Russia, summer 1919.

Page.20 `Austin` 3-series armored division corps `Riflemen` (Ukrainian national Republic). The name of the car (`Petlyura`), there is no doubt in her accessories
Page.20 Armored cars `Austin` 3-series (obtained from England) 2nd paneotrad the 2nd armored division of the Crimean-Azov Volunteer army before being sent to the front. Novorossiysk, may, 1919.

Page.21 the White armored car `Sharp`, captured by the troopers of the 1st Cavalry Army. The area of Bataisk, January, 1920.
Page.21 Armored car `the General Markov` - a trophy taken by the red Army in Novorossiysk on 14 March 1929.
Page.21 `Ostini`3-series (from the last of the 4th Russian order) of the 17th battalion of the British Tank corps. 1918.

Page.22 the First Russian `ostini`, made by Izhora factory. 1919
Page.22 Armored car `Sensitive` and fighters of the 18th autopopulate. The Petrograd front, 1920.

Page.23 Russian `Austin`(drawings in four projections, scale 1/35

Page.24 Russian `Austin` - `Mars`. 18th autopromoted.
Page.24 1st autopromoted the red Army. On 18 February 1920. Left to right: `Garford` - `Falcon II` and two Putilov `Austin` - `the Enemy capital and `Stenka Razin`

Page.25 the Entry of the red Army in Ekaterinoslav, 1919. First in the column - Russian `Austin`, followed by `rolls-Royce` and `Austin` 3-series.
Page.25 the soldiers of the 55th autopopulate red Army and Turkish soldiers at the armored `Thunder` (Russian `Austin`). The picture was taken after accidental clashes. Armenia, 1921.

Page.27 autopopulate Combat vehicles of the 1st Cavalry Army under repair. Left - English `Austin` 2-series equipped with in Russia aft wheelhouse, right - Russian `Austin`. September 13, 1924.
Page.27 The same armored vehicles after repair. On the original picture the inscription: "Cimalsa 15 September after remonta"

Page.28 Russian `Austin` the maneuvers of the Belarusian district. 1929. The machine has unusual detail for this type of wings over the wheels
Page.28 Armored car `Enemy capital`, rebuilt in the 30 years before the building of the Lenin Museum in Leningrad, 1986. Contrary to well-established version V. I. Lenin made this machine in April of 1917, as the armored car was manufactured two years later. (two pictures from different angles)

Page.29 Right rear wheel, the spring and original form of tow hook. Drew the attention of a large number of round embossed rivets (all three photos on this page - armored `Enemy capital`)
Page.29 butterfly hatch aft of the wheelhouse. In the starboard rear door for boarding the second driver.
Page.29 a Side door of the driver with a hinged flap loopholes, double sun roof front sides covered with armoured cheeks. Observation slots machine had no observation was carried out by priotkryvaya upper and lower sashes.

Page.30 Armored car `Enemy capital` in the premises of the Military historical Museum of artillery, engineer and signal corps in St. Petersburg, where he is now.
Page.30 `Austin-Kegress` in the shop of the Putilov plant. The fall of 1919.

Page.31 Frame newsreel - fighting machines 43rd autopopulate. Moscow military district, 1922.
Page.31 `Austin-Kegress`2nd autopopulate to the red Army maneuvers. 20 years

Page.32 One of the `regresso during the repair at Central automotive workshops in Warsaw, 1925.