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MAQ-5000 1/500 British R-100 airship model kit

Maquette MAQ-5000 1/500 British R-100 airship model kit
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MAQ-5000 1/500 British R-100 airship model kit

Maquette 1/500 British R-100 airship model kit. Pic.1
Maquette 1/500 British R-100 airship model kit. Pic.1

The passenger airship R-100, meant for use in transatlantic air-lines England - Canada and England - Egypt - India, was built by the Airship Guarantee Company LTD of Howden in 1929.
The hard framework by duralumimum tubes was fabric covered. The fabric cover was painted silver for reduction of sun heating. A fabric hydrogen containers, water ballast and fuel tanks, passengers apartments were inside of airship framework. Only a small airship control gondola and three engine compartments with two engines in each (one with pulling, other with the pushing propeller) projected outside. 32 state-rooms for 100 passengers were situated on two floors, in addition, the large dining-room for 56 ps. and walking galleries were on the bottom dec. During the airship mooring at the mast, the passengers got In the apartments through the nose hatch with the folding trap.
The R-100 made it maiden flight at December 16, 1929 and July 29 1930 it left Cardington to Canada carrying 44 passengers and 38 persons crew. 78 hours later R-100 mooring at the Montreal Mast (this mast included in our Kit). While in Canada, the R-100 flew tour to Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara Falls and on into New York State, and them come back to Great Britain. Thanks to favourable wind, the airship travel this way for 58 hours only, In spite of the one engine trouble. This travel was the great success of Britain aeronautics, but after the new R-101 airship catastrophe, the R-100 used for research purposes only.

Displacement - 140000 m3
Length - 216.5 m
High -41.15 m
Max diameter - 40,6 m
Engines - 6 Rolls-Roys Condor III, rated 660 p.h per each
Gross lift - 156 t
Empty weight - 103 t
Payment toad - 100 passengers and 10 t toad
Max speed - 132 km/h
Range - 6000 km